My name is Ryan O’Malley, and I am what you might call a computer nerd. Well, honestly, I’m more than that: I’m also a personable salesman, a national champion volleyball player, and one HELL of a PB&J sandwich maker (just ask my nephews and nieces), but that’s probably not why you’re here…

I work as an IT Professional by day, working with many different kinds of businesses to help solve their needs, be more efficient, and ultimately be more profitable. Whether I am setting up a new computer, installing a new network switch or configuring a firewall, I am the one you can count on to get it done quickly and reliably. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I come from the great city of Chicago, IL. Even the font for my logo and navigation bar is called “Chi-Town”. Am I ashamed? No. Would I call myself obsessed? Possibly. But then again, if you came from a city as beautiful and amazing as Chicago, you would be too.

I live and breathe the latest and greatest technologies, electronics, and the newest breakthroughs in science. In my free time I read tech blogs, help friends and family with their tech problems, tinker with computers, phones, and any kind of DIY that I might find useful to my daily life. Although I originally started my college career going for a marketing degree, it only took me one computer science programming class to realize what I REALLY enjoyed doing. Just like that, I switched majors, and began my studies in computer science. Anything from Operating Systems, Databases, Application Programming kept me up at night learning more. The world of computer science is constantly changing and evolving, so I never find myelf in a dull moment when I am working.

So whether you are a fellow creator looking for friends, looking for someone to create for you, or have NO idea how you ended up here, I’m glad you got to learn a little about me. Please feel free to take a look at some of my work on my Portfolio (that is if I’m willing to share any of it yet), my favorite wallpapers from my computer on the Pictures page, or watch some pretty incredible videos on my Video page. Or if you’re looking to get in touch with me, head on over to the contact page, and you’ll be on your way!